Mistresst Academy For Wayward Boys April 27, 2009 Masturbation Instruction

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We rule with an iron fist here at the Academy but we find we get better results from horny young men by motivating with pleasure and reward. If you follow instructions and behave you will be permitted to masturbate in my presence once a week. Soon youll be conditioned to get hard when you hear my heels clicking along the hardwood floors. Youll do anything to please me so once a week you can gaze upon me and jerk off while I guide you and give you visual treats. You can tell that beneath that conservative, stiff dress I have killer curves. A gorgeous, full womanly ass, perky breast and a tiny waistline. You bet that underneath those prim argyle socks I have perfect, dainty feet. You will strive to please me in the remote hope that you will be rewarded with more and more each week…

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