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I´ve been hired to take out the daughter of the District Attorney. Posing as a new neighbor, I pay a friendly visit when Genesis is alone. The dumb blonde welcomes me in and we chit chat a bit while as I ascertain that her parents are out and won´t be home for a while. Perfect!!! She is blabbing away about Daddy´s case against the big mob boss and I gather intel about how much evidence her father has. Young Genesis is too oblivious to realize she is being set up and I quickly pull a * on her and wrap a cleave gag around her head. She begins to sob but I hold her arms behind her back tightly and rope up her elbows. Oh sweetie I´m not your new neighbor. I´m here to XXXX your daddy´s hand. What will daddy do when he finds out his precious daughter is in trouble. Yes! your Daddy will drop the case against the mob boss. I continue to tie up the poor thing and she sobs relentlessly into her gag. I XXXX her back up onto her knees for a phone call to her daddy. I demand that she beg her daddy not to prosecute. I remove her gag and poor scared Genesis screams the plea into the phone. Daddy please!! Don´t prosecute – she´s not playing she´s going to hurt me. I am shocked at her father´s response! The bastard says he upholds the law–justice will prevail and he refuses to yield to my demands!! Too bad for precious little Genesis. I have no use for her now. She shrieks as my hands grip her throat …

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