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I can´t fucking stand incompetence!!!! This is the third time this week I´ve had to call the pool company and my pool is still green! I´ve paid twice and they haven´t done their job. The pool guy walks into my back yard and I immediately start bitching. He´s in for my Jersey Italian mouth now. I mean fix the damn pool and get out – WTF??? He mumbles a few ridiculous statements and I am really getting pissed off. Who does he think he is – I am the customer … isn´t that how it works??? I turn my back for a second and the next thing I know the fucker has his big hairy arm across my throat and I´m gasping. Damn he is strong!!! He XXXX my mouth open and shoves a huge black ballgag into it strapping it tightly around my head. I am screaming at him through the gag, but only muffled sounds can escape. Next he roughly grabs both my arms crushing my elbows together and wraps rope around them. My hands flail like crazy, but I am rendered helpless to stop him. He pushes me into the pool. OMG!!! What is this??? He try to move away from him, but he is too fast. He tries to push my head under the water but my arch my back and that really gets him mad. He says he is determined to make me shut up and he lifts me into the air and throws my bound and gagged body under the water. I am swallowing water and choking up as I rise to the surface. I scramble to get away but can´t. Immediately he grabs me, turns me upside down legs high into the air and throws me head first into and under the water. Water goes up my nose and fills my lungs and it seems like an eternity until my body finally rises to the surface. I run like a mad woman to the edge of the pool. This man is a psycho and I am scared shitless. He pulls my body out of the pool and puts me into a severe crossed ankle hogtie. I am tetering on the edge of the pool sobbing into my gag and gasping for breath!!!!

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