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I come home from a business trip to locate my neighbor Shelly Dare Sunshine lounging in my pool inside her skimpy little bikini soaking up sunlight. The young pretty matter trespassed and helped herself in my pool while I was gone! I threaten to phone the police and Shelly worries and yells : No!! Please don´t even call the cops – I have an outstanding merit -I´ll do whatever!! . I pull her up on her toes and drag her ass inside. I catch a rope and wrench her arms together behind her back crushing her elbows painfully. I add a wrist rope and the idiotic brunette bimbo attempts to negotiate with me personally. She keeps insisting that it was ok for her to return into my yard once I wasn&severe;t home. I push her onto the ground and glancing up her ankles completing her up in a tight hogtie. I roll her body over and begin groping and fondling her sweet body. Shelly protests and I&severe;Id had my fill of her huge mouth. I grab a sponge from the kitchen sink and push it deeply in her mouth putting it securely using clear tape. Poor helpless Shelly is boring and jumped and I’m enjoying every minute of this!! I tickle her bare feet a bit and leave the girl fighting deep into her gag bound and helpless.

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