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Pretty redhead MILF Fayth on Fire is now getting prepared to go to a party. She&extreme;s dressed in a hot halter mini dress with tightly laced black strappy sandals. Unexpectedly Fayth is ambushed from behind by a masked burglar who invaded her property. He ties her elbows, wrists and arms massively and painfully with yards of thin twine. The twine bites deep into her flesh and Fayth has been let go. She tells her captor that her husband is away and won&severe;t be back for several days. The twisted burglar doesn&extreme;t care. She drags her into the bedroom and begins to bind her legs. He crosses her legs and elbows a great deal of twine around her elbows, elbows and upper thighs. Fayth sobs and asks desperately to be discharged since the pain from the twine cutting into her flesh is equally unbearable. He doesn&severe;t attention and he arches her up to some super tight painful hogtie. The thief is tired of her tears and he XXXX a huge ballgag into Fayth&severe;s mouth strapping it very tightly before wrapping her mind that has many tight layers of duct tape. He gropes Fayth&intense;s brutally bound body, but he is more interested in the burglary and says goodbye. He moves from the sack to complete robbing the place leaving poor helpless Fayth to battle desperately at the painful bondage. (Fayth endures over 15 minutes of a challenging long, painful battle )

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