Lily Larimar in Learning To Love Yourself May 24, 2021 Petite, Massage

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Lily Larimar returns home from school. Kayley Gunner, her older sister, is sitting in the living room watching Jazmin Luv. Kayley and Jazmin greet Lily, but Lily quickly turns down and runs to her bedroom. Kayley worries about Lily, and she wants to be there to support her. However, Kayley must get to work quickly. Kayley is reassured by Jazmin that they can talk to Lily. Jazmin is close friends with Lily for so many years that it’s almost as if she is an older sibling.
Jazmin visits LilyA’s bedroom and finds that Lily lies dejectedly on the bed. Jazmin inquires about what’s going on. Lily finally opens up to Jazmin and says that her small breasts are being criticized at school. Jazmin understands. She is small-breasted and was always compared to Kayley, her curvy friend growing up. It took her time to accept herself as a person and understand the beauty in all of us.
Lily wants to know how she can love herself. Jazmin suggested that Lily could learn to love her body fully by getting in touch and getting to know it all. Jazmin massages Lily’s body gently and gives her praises as a form of meditation/therapy. Jazmin, Lily, and Lily eventually agree this is more effective without clothes. Lily then strips off and continues the massage for several minutes. The pleasure builds until Lily decides to go out and have sex.

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