Irene in Irene’s Brutal Jean Facesit November 25, 2019 Sounds, Pee

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IreneaEUR(tm), IreneaEUR’s slave, is sitting on her bed waiting for her to instruct him. As she enters she notices that he has not listened to the instructions that required him completely to shave the entire face. He can now forget that she was about to put her naked ass on him. He can now struggle with harsh denim. Slave owners often have to do things the hard and IreneaEURTM)s large ass and tight fitting jeans will make this a difficult lesson that he wonaEURTM)t soon forget. To soften him, she hops onto his head and rubs the fabric against his skin. It is obvious that her nose bends and crushes when she moves. She then sits down on his head until he needs air. Her slave’s head is so small that she can see it under her genitals. When she asks him about it, he says it hurts. He tells her, “You have hurt my feelings by not shaving your head.” Irene moves in a backward position, and now has a lot of sweat. To show her amazing breasts, she takes off her top and makes fun of the slave. For those bitches who like such things, she raises her arms to expose her armpits. They are squishy and she suggests that you lick them. Irene then focuses on the face of her slave to determine if it can last a minute without any air. The slave starts to become frantic after she has counted off 45 seconds. She stands up just before one minute is gone and informs the slave that she would have went naked if he waited a full minute. Poor slut can’t win. He sits down, and she soon kicks again. This time she’s not getting up.

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