Faye Taylor in Mydiaperdiary.com Mommy Amber’s wand May 24, 2019 Diapers, Wetting

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Im really excited because the stunning Mommy Amber has come to babysit me! Im all ready for bed, and’m sporting my Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt, a cunning knee period pair of gray Sonic the Hedgehog socks, and Im snugly fastened to a fluffy ABU Barebum. Mommy Amber gets her luggage open on the bed, and because she hasnt had a opportunity to unpack yetshe has warned me to not move through her things whilst she is out of the room. However, since I suck my pink pacifier, I simply cant withstand misbehaving and taking a peek, as Im such a cheeky little scamp! The situation is full of grown up things, and even though I know Im being really naughty, I simply cant stop myself. Mommy Amber includes some expensive looking bras that I take out to have a look in, and as I hold them up from my own body, I can clearly see that they are way too large for me! Its clear from her lingerie which Mommy Amber has huge amazing chest! As I delve a bit deeper into the scenario, I come across an item that is shaped like a microphone, and just as Im wondering exactly what it is, Mommy Amber comes into the room and catches me red handed! She’s wearing a figure hugging low cut apparel that actually shows off her resources;-RRB- Shes really cross with me, and scolds me for disobeying her. Then, watching me eyeing the odd looking toy strangely, she informs me because Ive discovered it, will have to give it a try in order to serve me ! She sets me on her kneeand then exerts on the toy, and which creates a low buzzing noise. Mommy Amber then begins to rub the toy all over my ABU Barebum, concentrating to the crotch area. She utilizes little circular motions, and to my extreme surprise the senses which take through my body feel totally amazing. I suck on my pacifier even tougher, and Mommy Amber gives me soothing words of encouragement as I squeal with happiness. The whole thing seems so amazing that my exploding bladder is triggered all by itself, and before I even know whats happening, a hot jet is stripping out to my ABU Barebum! I can feel it becoming tighter around me as it fills, and shake myself as Mommy Amber continues to perform her magic with all the toy feels so cheeky! The delight builds into a crescendo, and then erupts, which makes me feel giddy and tingly all over. Mommy Amber then lays me down on the cozy bed and strokes my hair. Its always eventful when she comes to babysit me 😉

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