Daisy Ducati in Subbyhubby Pizza Boy Gets Cuckold (Pt 1 Foot Worship) October 26, 2015 Small Penis Humiliation

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Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati are talking about how much they just love owning guys and are awaiting your pizza boy to arrive, although they don’t have a desire for pizza but intend to get some fun with the delivery boy, Toby walks up into the house and knocks on the door and claims Hello ladies that I have your pizza with extra EXTRA SAUSAGE!!! Daisy yells back to Raven that the boy is kind of adorable, She replies invite him, She grabs him and yanks him at the doorway, Then the ladies ask him whether he’s some sausage for them Cocky Toby who thinks he is the coolest says yes I got exactly what you need, They tell him to perform a striptease for them, and then he stands up and starts wiggling his small ass like he’s a Chip in Dales dancer, The woman invite him to take off it when he eventually takes his trousers down the women bust out laughing, so That he has to have the smallest dick they have ever noticed, Raven asks when it’s a small manhood, Toby says itsevere;s only cold in their house and that it& sosevere;s a grower not a shower, even Daisy brings out a ruler and measures just less than 2″ The ladies bust out laughing, and now Toby says he would like to leave, Awww the women convince him to remain telling him that they enjoy things kinky, then Daisy puts a golden gemstone studded collar on Toby and pushes his face down to their feet and informs him that fresh tiny dick boys start at the bottom and work their way up, ” The pizza boy starts to lick the girl&intense;s feet like a pathetic little cucky, and Raven informs him that his day is still only starting. Pt 1-5

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