Allison in Hotlegsandfeet Hey there guys, I’m Susanne. September 24, 2005 Lesbian

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Hey there guys, I’m Susanne. What’s been happening? I’ve needed to cum watch you but Vanessa and I have been working like crazy. Really I’d be here today if it wasn’t for these two young Betty’therefore I met while shopping earlier. I was looking for some fresh girly socks when I met these two I knew right away they were up to no good. I could see they were in need of a training, they had been young, but both had killer bodies and had that appearance. I understood Vanessa was outside of town, and so I invited them back to my place for just a little pleasure, let’s’s just say I needed a little time alone with these two before Vanessa gets her hands to these, you know she’d do the exact same. Whenever we return to my place we striped down to our underwear and socks and got on the bed, I was whereing my own “Smart” panties because I have a intelligent ass. In addition, I have panties that say “Sweet” facing because my, well that’ another story back to both of these. We were on the bed with our cute little asses from the skies kissing and caressing each others sexy bodies. Allison laid down Gina and I lean down along with each lick and suck her tits. I cut her tit and her leg down to her foot licking licking. Gina was doing well in Doggy biting and licking Allison’another foot, so she pulled her sock off and sucked her buttocks, licking at her foot all over. I knew Gina was getting into it if she leaned over and licked my spine and we kissed like lovers from the past. Then we went back on sucking and kissing Allison’s feet and feet. Gina began sucking and licking my tits my nipples stood right up. She laid back down and I started kissing her leg Allison was playing her tits. I raised her leg kissing and rubbing it all over. Allison laid in addition to Gina and Gina started sucking her Toes and enjoying with her foot, pulling her sock off afterward redressing it for fun. I moved over to Allison and she licked and squeezed my tits and nipples and Gina began sucking both her toes switching back and forth between both trying to choose which one she liked better, the one using the sock or even the one with outside. I pulled Allison’s underwear to the side and Gina and I started massaging her pussy, I licked my hands and rubbed her pussy up and down, it was soft and warm. I leaned over and kissed Allison’s ass and Gina was getting her shouts licking and sucking on her foot and toes. Gina pulled Allison’s underwear to the side and I started licking her twat around it was candy sweet. Allison sat up and we started to kiss, and Gina pulled her panties to the side and started rubbing and squeezing her buttocks, they spread her ass wide and Gina dives directly in licking her ass and pussy from top to bottom. I stood up and Allison pulled my Smart panties and started licking my eager grab teasing my clit with her tongue I reached up and began rubbing my tits my nipples were so hard and still rising. With Allison on all fours I took her foot and then rubbed it in my pussy as Gina licked up and down her leg and ass, rubbing and squeezing it. I’d raised Allison’s foot into my mouth and was licking and sucking it and her toes and Gina did the same. We paused just temporarily for a kiss we then pulled Allison’s panties and began licking her young bum, I spread her buttocks and we proceeded to work rubbing and licking her horny ass and munching on her sweet moist twat. I put Gina down and Allison began licking at her foot and leg I started squeezing her up tits, reaching down and rubbing her cunt. I squatted down on her face and she moans out tonguing my own twat as I rubbed my tits and Allison was licking and sucking on her toes. Allison came pulled Gina’s panties on the side and tongued her young snatch as she lasted licked mine. I leaned over and over Gina as she played with her tits, Allison was sucking her wet pussy and I started licking and sucking on her tits and nipples. Allison took off Gina’s panties and I started licking her pussy up and down teasing her swollen clit with my tongue as Allison licked and squeezed her foot and feet. We placed in a circle and then squeezed each other toes, I reached down and started rubbing my cunt sucking Gina’s huge fur as she licked Allison’s feet and rubbed them on her nipple. Gina began squeezing her tits I reached down and started massaging her pussy it was hot, soft, and wet. We laid there kissing and caressing each others bodies, Allison began yanking on Gina’s toes and that I was slurping on wet twat. Alison reached over and started massaging my pussy as I licked and tongued Gina’so sweet moist pussy, she was moving her head back and forth, I sucked and licked her clit till she had an orgasm. Gina grabbed Allison’s ft and started sucking her feet, before coming to me and we kissed. Allison was lying on her back rubbing her horny pussy up and down, I began licking her foot and Gina went and began licking her twat. I reached down and gave that a cunt a rubbing and Gina began playing Allison’s tits. I laid down and Gina started sucking my tits, Allison fingered my clit then leaned over and started eating my moist puss. She reached up and played with my tits and Gina began licking and sucking my feet and feet. I had been playing my tit and Gina reached upward and gave another person a squeeze. Gina arrived and began massaging and licking my nipple with her fingers. We put there side by side caressing our bodies using one foot dressed and the other not.

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