Brock in Seancody Blowing Brock January 03, 2006 Facials, Muscles

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Brock needs to be among the biggest men Ive ever worked with. I mean, hes huge his top arms are bigger than my legs! He is merely a complete slab of beefcake.During his first film, he asked him about the chance of being with another man, half expecting him to shake me in the nose for this. But rather he laughed and said he had been up for trying something once. I was concerned, though, that 1) it was going to be hard to get him to relax with another guys mouth along his johnson, and 2) hes so big he would intimidate anyone I tried to pair him with.After thinking about it for a little while, one man came to head Jeffrey. Not only is he a master cock sucker, he has an uncanny gift for being able to make other individuals feel comfortable. And hes just so damn cute!When I have the both of them together, Brock was pretty nervous but Jeffrey was cool as may be. I’d Brock get naked and flex his big muscles for me, and then I had him crawl around the bed on all fours with his beefy, hairy buttocks up in the atmosphere, just ready to become eaten.Enter Jeffrey, who planted his face into Brocks bubble butt. Jeffrey started functioning Brocks hole and in my amazement Brock really seemed to love it. So much so, in reality, his penis sprang to attention almost immediately.After eating out Brocks buttocks, Jefferey moved to work with his penis. It was fantastic watching Jeffrey make Brock squirm. Afterward, when Brock couldnt take anymore, he shot a massive load around Jeffreys face!

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